Some of the Clocks I Have Awaiting Restoration

If you'd be interested in any of these clocks when restored, please get in touch.

American Shelf-clock (with Tree Picture)

American Striking Wall Regulator

Double Keyhole Vienna Regulator

Carriage clock with alarm, 140mm high (handle up)

Smiths 'Sectric' clock in bakelight case, 140mm high

Smiths'Sectric' clock in wooden case, 145mm" high

Mantel clock with miniature French drum movement, 290mm high

'Napoleon's Hat' striking clock, 230mm high x 530 wide

Westminster chime clock, 233mm high

Twin-fusee striking bracket clock with silver mounts and presentation plate made by Goldsmiths Company, with a platform escapement, 14½" high x 10½" wide x 7¾" deep. Comes with the bracket (see next item)

Bracket for Goldsmiths clock, 8" high x 11¾" wide x 8½" deep

Small ebonised dial clock with going-barrel W & H movement, 10½" diameter wooden bezel x 5" deep (dial 7" diameter)

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