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If you're interested in buying any of the clocks featured here, please contact me.

While I am happy to post clocks to you, I personally believe it is always better to see them 'in the flesh' before buying and then you can take them with you, avoiding the potential for damage!

If you do not see what you want here please ask, as I have a selection of clocks still awaiting restoration - one of which might be just what you are looking for!

All clocks I sell have been fully overhauled by me personally and are fully guaranteed for one year.

Postmans Alarm Clock

This is a classic Black Forest timepiece alarm clock, with a turned wooden bezel made up of 8 pieces, and is almost undamaged (there is a small nick in the joint at 9.00)

Both the side doors are intact and the joints of the main case are firm.

It has a glass dial (painted on the reverse as you would expect) and comes with replacement weights and a new pendulum.

All parts are held together in the original manner with taper pins (not with steel angle brackets) though the back has additional screws into the top & bottom wooden 'plates' for safety.

Maximum dimensions: wooden bezel 280mm diameter, dial 175mm diameter, depth (from back of case to front of centre arbor)180mm drop required from dial centre to floor 1975mm
Stock No 5


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Tableau Comtoise clock

This is a French wall clock which shares a peculiarity with French longcase clocks in that it strikes the hours twice - once at the hour and again a couple of minutes later. In fact the movements are almost identical - with only the gear ratios (to allow for a shorter pendulum) and the motive power being different.

It is a highly decorative clock, with mother-to-pearl floral inlay in dark wood panels in the pale wood ground, all covered by glazing inside the ebonised outer bezel.

This makes the front quite heavy, which normally presents a problem for the hinges at the top of the front as there is generally only one prop to hold it open for winding - resulting in quite a twist. However this clock has one on each side so the hinges are not put under strain.

The dial on this clock is the better quality glass one, painted on the reverse and held to a metal backing plate by the hole-grommets.

Maximum dimensions: 620mm high by 490mm wide by 130mm deep, dial
is 230 mm diameter
Stock No 37


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Drop-dial clock

Here I am selling a small drop-dial clock with a German movement of good quality but unidentified maker.

The 'drop' is hinged on the right side with a latch on the left, swinging down in front of the back board (which continues to level with the bottom of the drop) to reveal the pendulum.

It has a nice clear dial, with good colour to the wood.

A very attractive little clock...

Maximum dimensions: wooden bezel is 240mm diameter, the 'drop' below it is 23mm,it is 100mm deep, and the dial is 170mm diameter.
Stock No 7


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Dial clock by R Jowes

This is a standard Office Dial clock with a fusee movement of good quality.

The case seems to have been re-finished, and I have not checked on the authenticity of the GWR or the name on the dial.

The dial has been re-painted for me - with nothing added or removed - after re-riveting two of the dial feet.

The movement is resonably modern as fusee movements go, so should give a lifetime or two of good service!

Maximum dimensions: 330mm high by 330mm wide by 135mm deep, dial is 240mm diameter
Stock No11


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Slim brass-cased Bulkhead Clock

This clock is one for a connoisseur...

The outside does not give much away, being a simple brass drum with some turned grooves on the side and a plain flat, unsigned cream dial with a small subsidiary seconds dial. The only hint is the very small winding hole...

The movement has, as one would expect, a platform escapement and this is where it starts to get interesting. It is a very early English Lever platform, with the outer end of the hairspring pinned into a separate cock, rather than an extension of the balance cock. The platform plate goes along the width of the clock plates, rather than across the depth of them. The regulator index is connected to lever pivoted at centre of dial & with a pin projecting into a sector slot in the top of dial (hidden by bezel when it is closed)

It has an 8-day movement, sadly also unsigned. The barrel ratchet wheel is exceptionally finely cut with over 50 teeth; just one visible example of the quality of the 5-crossing wheel-work

The front glass is undamaged, 4.5mm thick with a well bevelled edge, and the front bezel has a spring catch operated by the button on the left side

It comes complete with the original double axe-head style winding key, with the square hole still in good condition

It is almost identical to another one I look after, which is signed Parkinson
& Frodsham. I estimate the date of the clock as C.1830.

As with all my clocks, it is fully overhauled and guaranteed

DIMENSIONS - dial diameter: 6” or 152mm (5 1/4” or 133mm chapter ring),
case diameter: 7” or 178mm, case depth: 2” or 51mm.
Stock No 59


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Small Fusee Dial Clock by French & Son of London

This is a particularly nice example of a small dial clock, with a slightly convex enamel dial signed French & Son / London.

It has a late model of fusee movement, with plain pillars screwed at both ends. The back plate is stamped 6472 / LONDON just to the right of the bottom left pillar.

The movement is secured in the case by two steel straps running vertically behind the dial, not to the dial plate itself so that the enamel will not get damaged.

There is a slight chip to the bevelled edge of the 4mm-thick front glass (at about 9 minutes past), and there has been some repair-work to the case - but what would you expect?

As with all my clocks, it is fully overhauled and guaranteed

DIMENSIONS - case diameter: 11 1/4” Case depth: 5” (to the front of the glass), dial plate diameter: 7 3/4” chapter ring: 6 5/8”
Stock No 39


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Ship's Radio Room Clock

This clock has a rather unusual dial. It is from a ship's radio room. The sectors cross-hatched in red and green are there to remind the operators to keep radio silence and listen out for distress signals on 500kHz and 2182kHz respectively. This was a system introduced after the sinking of the Titanic, and initially only had the 500kHz frequency, with the 2182kHz frequency being added later. I suspect this clock may not have been the main radio-room one, as that sould have had a seconds hand, which has never been the case with this model. It is made by S Marti of France, and was made some time after 1931. (The 500kHz frequency has now been discontinued)

The visible part of the dial is 3.5" diameter, with the inside of the minute tramline at 3.1".

Maximum dimensions: Diameter of the back flange 4.9", Aproximately 1.7" deep
Stock No 22


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Marpro bulkhead Clock

This This is, I think, the smallest bulkhead clock I have had through my hands... The chapter zone on the dial is only 70mm diameter, with the sight ring at 75mm, and the flange at the back of the case is 113 mm

The dial (with the movement fixed to it) is attached to the back of the bezel which is hinged onto the bowl of the case. The back of the case is numbered 1756.

The movement cover is stamped Smiths Clocks & Watches Ltd, there is a lable on the inside of the back of the case saying MARTON PRODUCTS / 61A De Beauvoir Road / London N1, and the dial is 'signed' Marpro above the centre and 8 DAY / T. MORRIS / THE QUAY / LYMINGTON below the centre - Smiths made the clock, Marton were the wholesalers and Morris the retailer I think!

Maximum dimensions: Diameter of the back flange 113mm, Aproximately 45mm deep
Stock No97


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Striking Vienna Regulator

This is an excellent Vienna Regulator with half-hour strike by Gustav Becker - one of the big names for this type of clock.

It has a 2-piece dial with a recessed centre, both parts being enamelled; and comes with original weights, pendulum & winding key.
As with the vast majority of Vienna Regulators, the pendulum has a wooden rod, ensuring almost zero variation in rate due to temperature or humidity changes.

Maximum dimensions: Height ~ 41" (the top finial being ~ 10" above the hanging plate), Width 17 3/4", depth 7"
Stock No FF


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Wooden clock with verge escapement

This is a bit of fun really.

It is a reproduction of the sort of clock that was produced many years ago - though they would mostly have been made of metal.
The rate at which it runs is controlled by the weights on the oscillating arm (or 'foliot') at the top - the further out they are the slower it runs. It ticks about 40 times a minute - very slowly! Even so it need a 6'6" drop for the line & weight in order to run for a full 24 hours. This means the dial centre needs to be at 7' above the floor, with a ceiling height of not less than 7'9" (2.36m). It is probably designed to be wound twice a day, with the dial at face height.
The back of the back bard is stamped HELO / No Jewels / West Germany / unadjusted - which I think must be a bit of bureaucracy gone mad!

Maximum dimensions: Dial diameter ~ 175mm, back plate 410mm
Stock No 113


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Black Forest Postmans Alarm Clock with 'Shield' dial

A 'classic' Black Forest clock with alarm, & was probably made between 1830 & 1850. The alarm runs until the weight hits the ground or is taken off, or you re-set the time it is due to ring... This clock has the break-arch or shield shape of wooden dial, which has had a split repaired.
I have made up a pair of diagonal stays to go between the uprights of the frame (one each side), in order to help prevent the weights pulling the front down and causing the pivots to bind in their holes.

Max dimensions: 14" high x 10" wide x 7.5" deep.
Stock No 30


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"Sestrel" Bulkhead Clock

Here we have a typical brass-cased bulkhead clock with a platform escapement.
It has an Elliott Clocks movement, serial number 12835, which I think means it was made in 1935
Because Elliotts put low quality 7 jewel platform escapements on their clocks I have replaced the platform with a high quality 11 jewel one, and it runs beautifully.
There is some minor scratching to the dial around the winding hole & out to the VII, and the lacquer on the body of the case is showing some signs of it's age, but otherwise it is in good condition, undented, and with no chips to the glass, and with a positive"snap" when you close the front bezel.

Maximum dimensions: Rear Flange 146mm (5.75") diameter, dial 103mm (4") diameter, depth 67.5mm (2.65")
Stock No 117


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